Peter Gallinelli : mission manager

Architect, environmental expert, lecturer and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva on the one hand, adventurer, skipper and naval architect on the other, the passive igloo project is a convergence of his scientific activities and his passion for the Arctic.

Peter is the author of the passive igloo and expedition leader.

Contact : please use the contact page


Frédéric Gillet : scientific coordinator

Environmental engineer and project leader in the fields of water and energy on the one hand, passionate about mountaineering and wide spaces, the passive igloo project is an opportunity to link his scientific interests with his passion for voyage and great natural spaces.

Frédéric is in charge of the scientific coordination of the expedition.

Contact : frederic.gillet [@]


Rémy Andrean : skipper, technical logistics


Mathilde Gallinelli : skipper, onboard logistics


Dolores Gonzalez : logistics


Dorothée Adam Mazard : film maker


Kalle Schmidt : 2015 project partner




Friends and supporters :

Remy, Colette, Rob, Lisa, Mathilde, Dolores, Haude, Reto, Peter, Flavio, Christophe, Christine, Kalle, Pascal, Patrick, Dimitri, Miguel, Stéphane, Ivan, David, Hans, Jakob, Barbara, Perle, Cora, Jean-Guillaume, Melvin, Jonas, Clementine, Sylvie, Bernard, Estelle, Valentine, Valérie, Miranda and numerous members from YCC... and Eric & France from the Vagabond.


The organization of the expedition is provided by a non-profit association 'aCAPela' which has its headquarters in Geneva.


haude morel & peter.gallinelli March 2019