ACAPELA is a non-profit organization based in Geneva. Founded in 2002 by a group of people passionate about nature, discovery, sailing, mountain climbing and adventuring ', the goals of the organization are:

  • to propose a framework and structure for the organization and implementation of 'Sea and Mountain' expeditions for scientific purposes, sports, encounter and discovery,
  • to provide the technical logistics to achieve the goal,
  • to establish a space for communication and exchange as part of the proposed activities, organize events and activities in the areas mentioned.

In the context of the 'passive igloo project' the organization manages the logistics and financing of the expedition. All persons on board are members of the organisation.


Association aCAPela
c/o Peter Gallinelli
33 rue de la Prulay
1217 Meyrin - Switzerland


  • President: Peter Gallinelli
  • Vice President: Lisa Gallinelli-Gonzalez
  • Secretary: Haude Morel
  • Treasurer: Rob Veenhof


  • Annual fee : CHF 50.-

Bank account

  • CCP 17-342157-8, Association àCAPela, 1200 Geneva, Switzerland, account in CHF


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peter.gallinelli March 2020