How do we define ourselves? It is through our fears and passions. Passion is something difficult to define. It is different for everyone of us. For us, Team Nanuq, passion is about exploring: wanting to see what is behind the next corner, island, river or mountain.

It is about seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new colours and flavours.
It is about standing in the cold rain for hours holding the tiller and feeling complete joy.
It is about feeling alive, moving by the force of the wind towards places we fantasise about in our dreams.
It is about the simplicity of travel not only towards unknown places but also towards ourselves.
It is a deep love for the sea and the mountains.
It is about the comforting feeling of being in the middle of nowhere living in harmony with our world.
Passion is the search for those places, feelings and encounters that trigger awe.
It is this passion that makes us leave our comfort zone, makes us push our limits and drives us to do things other people might not understand.

Living this passion allows us to become our inner self a bit more everyday. What drives us is the possibility to experience (adventure), the urge to try new things (innovation) and the curiosity to understand (science).





peter.gallinelli November 2014