"Adventure, it's when something goes wrong..."

...that's not what we are looking for. We define it rather as an outstanding venture with a large number of difficulties and the uncertainty of its outcome.

"The exploration of uncertainty is the driving motor of human curiosity."

It is this uncertainty that opens an array of new perspectives regarding our knowledge of the world, science, others and ourselves and the relationships between these.

The access, even from our sofa, to the immense amount of information might give us the impression that we can know everything. However, only the confrontation with the real world allows us an authentic experience, an experience where our skills and our integrity play a big role. The act of doing is the difference between knowledge and experience.

"Make your own kind of music."

In a society where happiness is thought to be a consequence of wealth, adventure is about living away from conventions and ready-made solutions. Although the project is anything but a rejection of what exists, it's a call to engage ourselves in finding creative new solutions for present and future challenges.

"Here and now."

Adventure, with it's difficulties, gives us the opportunity for complete immersion, to live in the present moment intensely, it being the only time where we do feel alive. Adventure is our way of enjoying life.


The 'nanuq' journeys are tailored for sailors, mountaineers or voyagers ... Nanuq 2015-2016



peter.gallinelli October 2014