06 - last day of June, departure
07 - full moon mooring in the south west of Greenalnd
08 - giant iceberg in Disko bay
09 - sun set at Harward Oer
10 - new ice and full moon in Nanuq's Cove
11 - the beginning of winter
12 - Nanuq - scientific base camp


01 - blue moon in the Thule region
02 - frozen in february
03 - last night with northern lights
04 - springtime snow storm
05 - midnight sun
06 - early summer in Nanuq's Cove



Teaser NANUQ (2019)

By Dorothée Adam

Le 'passive igloo', explications (2018)

Images: Peter Gallinelli, Kalle Schmidt, Dorothée Adam By Dorothée Adam

Nanuq : tracing micropastics (summer 2017)

ByDorothée Adam.

Nanuq: PCB in the Arctic

By Dorothée Adam

Eingefroren - zehn Monate im arktischen Eis (2017)

Der Wissenschaftler Peter Gallinelli und sein 14-jähriger Sohn auf dem Abenteuertrip ihres Lebens – eine Überwinterung an Grönlands Nordküste

By Yacht.TV

Voyage 2014 part 3: Nanuq Ahoi Bottenviken (summer 2014)

Life on board as seen by Tom - Baltic Sea 2014 - Stockholm - Gulf of Bothnia...

Voyage 2014 part 2 : Lysefjorden - Bottenviken (28th October 2014)

Norway is the country where ocean and mountains meet. An invitation to rock climbing and base-jump, Lysefjorden is the Mekkah for mountain enthusiasts...

Scandinavia from Team Nanuq on Vimeo.

Voyage 2014 part 1 : La Rochelle - Norway (21th October 2014)

The first leg takes Nanuq to Morgat for a last hull inspection before casting off into the Irish Sea and a race against time to meet our crew on schedule in Scotland...

France-Norway from Team Nanuq on Vimeo.

The long road to the ocean... (13th October 2014)

After a 'transport exceptionnel' from Geneva to La Rochelle and three weeks of intensive last preparations, the boat was eventually launched end of June...

Geneva-LaRochelle from Team Nanuq on Vimeo.

Following the shipyard... (2010)

Dramatic turnover operation at Icofrance Dujardin - an expert job ...

Rotation Of Nanuq's Hull from Matt Ryan on Vimeo.



Winter 2015/2016



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